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Local Economic Development Agencies

ILS LEDA Programme (International Links and Services for Local Economic Development Agencies) is one of the working tools of the KIP International School.

The programme provides support to the elaboration and implementation of territorial economic development policies and strategies and, above all, to the creation of Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDA), with the aim of strengthening democratic governance in the territories, developing strategic development plans, enhancing endogenous potentials, promoting innovation, social economy, gender equality, social inclusion and green economy.

ILS LEDA capitalizes on the experience and knowledge accumulated over 20 years of work in the framework of programmes for human development of the United Nations (UNDP, ILO, UNOPS, UNIFEM and others) in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Since 1991 the programme has been cooperating in the implementation of more than 60 LEDAs, operating in 18 countries in a self-sustainable way. These LEDAs are associated with a global network supported by ILS LEDA that provides promotional services, technical assistance, training, assistance in the drawing up of international projects, quality improvement, and in particular, in fostering partnerships with LEDA and economic actors from other countries.

ILS LEDA involves in its activities several partners such as: universities, centres of excellence and high-profile international experts.

ILS LEDA participates in the activities of the KIP-UN Initiative and of the International School by supporting the implementation of strategic projects for comprehensive development, by organizing workshops for systematization and dissemination of knowledge and by designing and carrying out training courses and university education. All these activities carried out in cooperation with national and local governments and other partners upon their request, aim at promoting economic development processes and enabling the population of a territory to improve collective and individual welfare by increasing equitable and sustainable employment and income.

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