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Associations and International Networks

The School implements its activities in collaboration with the following international networks and associations.

EURADA - European Association of Development Agencies. EURADA is one of the founders of ILSLEDA Programme and collaborates to develop tools, support ILSLEDA training initiatives, carry out joint projects and programs, and to facilitate the links between its members and the Local Economic Development Agencies belonging to ILSLEDA network.

CTM-Altromercato. ILSLEDA collaborates with the Consortium CTM-Altromercato - the second largest fair trade organization in Europe - to facilitate small holders supported by the LEDAs and the ILSLEDA Network in marketing their products through commercial channels in Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Portugal.

ADR- Association of the Spanish Regional Development Agencies. ILSLEDA collaborates with ADR, ReMALDH (Network of the Latin American LEDAs) and EURADA to ensure the generation of sustainable and durable links between agencies in Europe and Latin America, both at the institutional level and in developing specific cooperation projects.

ECCA. The Training School (ECCA) for Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDA) and Centres for Women's Entrepreneurship (CSEM). ECCA established a collaboration agreement with ILSLEDA Programme to develop technical and methodological tools and an online platform for training courses and conferences and to promote innovations for human development in collaboration with IDEASS Programme.ECCA and the Universitas Programme collaborate as part of the Rene Cassin award and to develop action research related to the social economy and women’s entrepreneurship in collaboration with Central American and international universities.

EBN. European association of the Business Innovation Centers (BICs). ILS LEDA Programme collaborates with EBN to establish partnerships between BICs and LEDAs and to implement joint projects for territorial and economic development in the field of innovative technologies, environment, trade and social inclusion. These projects also seek to improve the LEDAs' management, administration, and technical skills.

COPPEM - Committee for Euro Mediterranean Partnership of Local and Regional Authorities. Collaboration is ongoing with the IDEASS Programme to promote innovations for human development in the COPPEM network and to promote the participation of the local communities associated with COPPEM in the decentralized cooperation activities implemented by the SIP Programme of the School.

Observatory of Artistic Crafts (OMA), Florence. The Observatory established a collaboration agreement with the KIP School to promote the Mediterranean University of Crafts strategic project and to create, in the Tuscany Region, a workshop for crafts open to international participation.

Development Network (DEVNET). DEVNET established a collaboration agreement with the International School to promote its activities in China and to identify and promote innovations for human development in collaboration with IDEASS Programme.

European Committee of Rights, Ethics and Psychiatry CEDEP. Brussels-Paris. CEDEP is collaborating with the School to define training activity on mental health and human development, and to organize in Paris (France) a laboratory recognized by the School in Paris (France).



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