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How to participate

All development and international cooperation actors can be part of the School system: national governments, local governments, international organizations, foundations, universities, research centres, NGOs, associations, social economy actors.

The School also wants to be a point of reference for universities wishing to critically renew their teaching, contributing to the construction of an organic body of development knowledge that goes beyond the specialized and fragmentary knowledge that currently prevails, and linking their theoretical work more closely with practical experiences in the field and the prospects for insertion in the labour market.

Each interested organization may establish agreements with the School. These agreements define the activities that each partner will implement in its respective territory or at the international level:

• participate to the strategic projects of the School in the interested countries, to support the reforms and the diffusion of innovations improving the quality of development;
• organize in their territories one or more Laboratories of Development of the School, ready to receive visitors, students, researchers, professors, experts and other interested social actors and to support action-researches, training activities, exchange of experiences and production of publications;
• organize in their territories training activities of the School, such as intensive international courses, international summer schools and others, on different aspects of the development, in liaison with the structures and activities of the School in other countries;
• organize in their territory university and post-university courses on territorial or thematic development such as specialized courses or Masters of the School, in liaison with the structures and activities of the School in other countries;
• set up a coordination body of the structures of their territory involved in the activities of the School or an international thematic Center of the School;
• produce publications, audiovisuals and other cultural instruments, organize seminars, meetings, exhibitions and other events of the School.

In the agreements, the financial sources of the agreed activities are usually specified. Agreed activities can be implemented either by the partner organization, by the School through one of the Programmes that constitute its General Secretariat, or by an executing agency chosen by mutual agreement.

To be part of the School system, the interested organizations can contact the General Secretariat, enter into a specific agreement, be represented in its General Assembly, set up a Joint Working Group to identify and formulate activities and monitor their performance following agreed modalities.

The General Secretariat of the School is at the
FAO, Building E, Rooms 102/103
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla 1, 00153 Rome
tel. +39 06 57050212 ; +39 06 57050228; +39 06 57050207.


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