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The bodies of the School are the Presidency, the General Assembly, the Joint Working Groups, the General Secretariat, the Technical Committee and the Scientific Committee.

• The Presidency is composed by the President Luciano Carrino, and two Co-Presidents, Gustavo López Ospina and Famiano Crucianelli, founding members of the International School. The Presidency  is responsible of the legal representation and the administration and is based in Rome and Medellin.

• The General Assembly of the School, composed of the representatives of the partner entities, meet periodically to discuss and evaluate the ongoing activities and the results, based on technical and financial reports presented by the Presidency of the School, and to give them their general orientations and specific recommendations. The General Assembly is convened periodically by the Presidency of the School.

• The Joint Working Group (JWG), established by the School with each of the interested partner entities, prepare the plans of action to be implemented by the School in close collaboration with the partner entity and the participating organizations mentioned in the plans of action.

• The General Secretariat of the School, composed of the coordinators of the IDEASS, ILS LEDA, SIP and UNIVERSITAS international programmes that are part of the system of the School, is responsible of the operational coordination and harmonisation at international level of all the activities of the School and, in particular, of the relations with the members of the Technical Committee of the School. The Secretary General of the School coordinates the General Secretariat.

• The Technical Committee of the School, composed by the coordinators of the programmes, projects, plans of actions, activities and structures that are part of the System of the School, will work at distance maintaining a permanent dialogue with the General Secretariat of the School and will meet, when necessary, in plenary sessions or specific working groups under the convening of the Secretary General of the School.

• The Scientific Committee of the School, presided by Edgar Morin and composed by senior experts of United Nations Agencies having the function of liaison with their Organisations and by other experts invited by the Presidency of the School, supports the activities and the publications under request of the Presidency.


KIP International School

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