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Scientific Committee of the KIP International School

The Scientific Committee is an international network of experts chaired by Edgar Morin. It was established by UNESCO under a program agreement signed in Rome between UNESCO, UNDP, UNIFEM and UNOPS on November 9, 2004. Since October 2010, experts and officers of UNEP, ILO, UNOPS, UNDP and WHO also participate in the Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee is now part of the bodies of the KIP International School and is recognized as its founding promoter. It is chaired by Edgar Morin and organized with an international direction, a group of senior experts of United Nations agencies and cooperation organisations and a network of experts working in universities and specialized structures, as well as in international organizations. The Scientific Committee has functions for discussion, development, proposal, technical assistance, research and training. It gives its support, under request, to United Nations organizations, national, regional and local governments and organized social actors.

President Edgar Morin

Scientific Coordinator Gustavo López Ospina

Executive Representative Luciano Carrino


Samir Ben Yahmed, Representative of WHO in Libya and Head of WHO Country Office

Christophe Bouvier, Director and Regional Representative, UNEP Nairobi, Kenya 

Juan Pablo Corlazzoli, Directive Council of the UNDP Virtual School for Latin America and the Caribbean

Alfredo Lazarte Hoyle, Director, ILO Programme on Crisis Response and Reconstruction, Geneva

Bianca Maria Pomeranzi, Gender and development policies, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affaires

Philippe Marcadent, Chief, Conditions of Work and Employment Branch ILO, Geneva 

Bernhard Schlachter, Executive Officer, EMO – SWOC, UNOPS, Geneva

Alexandra Trzeciak-Duval, Head of the Policy Division (Development Co-operation Directorate) of OECD until 2012       

Antonio Vázquez-Barquero, Professor od Economy, the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 



KIP International School

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